Our sustainability journey

People and our planet have always been at the forefront of our core values. We pride ourselves on pioneering natural skincare products and making sustainable choices where available.

Read more about our sustainability journey in our FY21 Sustainability Report here.

Sustainable Rosehip Oil

Our Rosehip Oil is sustainably sourced from the extreme south of Chile, in the Patagonia Austral. Rosehip seeds are handpicked by smallholder farmers and their families; they control and own the land they work on. The process of growing and extracting Rosehip Oil is Fair For Life certified by Ecocert, ensuring safe and equitable working conditions for all the farmers involved. Our supplier that manages these growers and farmers also work with the Chilean government and local organisations to create a positive social impact to support the local community.

The final product produced contains higher levels of nutrients than from Rosehip Oil sourced anywhere else in the world.

Read more about our sustainable source of Rosehip Oil in our blog post.

Our Product Promise

We have one of the strongest product promises in the world. Being New Zealand owned and operated with our own on-site factory means we are able to control the entire production process from concept to final product, ensuring every supplier meets our product promise as well.

Our packaging commitment ♻️

As part of our commitment to reducing our plastic footprint, we signed the New Zealand Plastic Packaging Declaration.

This means we will make the switch to 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging across our global operations by 2025 or earlier.

We were the industry leaders when we first moved to using 100% recycled plastic bottles for our shampoos, conditioners, body washes, body lotions and natural deodorants.


Reliable Refills 

We are extremely pleased to have introduced refills into our range of products.

To reduce the amount of times consumers repurchase bottles, we decided to move into the refill space. Now, once you've come to the end of a body wash, hand wash or essano happy skin product, you can simply refill the original bottle with our handy refill bottles! 

We are looking forward to expanding the amount of refillable products in our range. 😁 


Always 100% cruelty-free 🐰

We have always been 100% cruelty-free – no exceptions.

This includes the suppliers we source our ingredients from as well as all authorised stockists of our products.

Our community 🤗

We do our best to offset any impact that our operations may have on the environment. We like to roll up our sleeves and head out into our local parks and beaches to keep our country clean.

Next steps for us 🌿

We’ve got big plans for our sustainability journey, please see some of our objectives below:

  • Transition up to 80% of our PET to rPET by 2024
  • Transition suppliers so that 90% of cardboard is sourced from New Zealand
  • Utilise rainfall collection to reduce water consumption
  • Partner with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to measure our carbon footprint