Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Are essano products suitable for vegans?+

There are a lot of products in our range that are vegan-friendly. You can browse them here

Are your products cruelty-free?+

We love treating humans to beautiful products, but we also love animals. We don’t test any of our products on our furry friends, and no animals are harmed in any the production of any of our products or ingredients. We're proudly 100% cruelty-free!

What is essano doing to help the environment?+

essano is crafted on the belief that everyone should be able to have gorgeous products and amazing results without harm to themselves, our planet and our furry friends.

We are proudly 100% cruelty-free, from our ingredients supplier all the way to our final production in our NZ-based factory.

Caring for our planet and its people is at the heart of our sustainable business model. Our parent company Mix Limited has signed the New Zealand Plastic Packaging Declaration, which means by 2025, all our packaging will be 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

I have some feedback to pass on…+

We love hearing all feedback, so please get in contact with us here.

Which order should I use the products in?+

The order of products we recommend to apply is:

1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Eye Crème
4. Serum in the morning or Facial Oil at night
5. Day Cream or Night Crème at night
6. SPF Moisturiser in place of day moisturiser in morning

Facial oil can be massaged directly onto the skin or mixed a few drops into your night creme.

I have some questions about my skincare routine. Can I ask someone?+

Yes, we love chatting about all things skincare! If you have any questions at all, please contact us here or get in touch via social media.

Do you use palm oil in any of your products?+

We do not use palm oil directly in any of our products, however, some ingredients we use are derived from palm.

We understand your concern about palm oil, and make sure to source our ingredients from suppliers who hold the RSPO Sustainable Palm Oil Certification. This ensures that it is sourced from growers who are committed to sustainable practices.

We are committed to making positive changes for our planet and will continue to explore natural, healthy and safe alternatives to make the products that you love even better.

I live outside of Australia and New Zealand. Where can I buy your products?+

We sell our range of essano products online through Amazon or HealthPost.



Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?+

Yes - our range is suitable for use while you are pregnant, with the exception for our retinol products, these should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. This includes our Retinol Night Renewal Facial Oil, Beauty Sleep Cloud Night Cream, Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate 2% Complex, Wrinkle Rescue Retinol Alternative Serum, Pro tip: Our Rosehip Oil is perfect for your stretching baby bump! The levels of beta- carotene (natural Vitamin A present in the oil ) in our certified organic Rosehip Oil are safe to use through pregnancy. All the best for life with your new bubba!

Can I use essano products on my children?+

Absolutely – it’s safe to use on the whole family.

What should I do if I have a reaction?+

We always recommend patch-testing our products 24 hours before you use it for the first time. If you have a reaction, discontinue use of the product and please contact us with all and any information.

How do I patch-test a product?+

We recommend patch-testing at least 24 hours before using any product for the first time. To patch-test, dab a small amount on clean skin behind your ear or on the crook of your elbow.

All essano products are gentle and made with sensitive skin in mind. There are no harsh chemicals or fragrances. However, as our proudcts are made with natural ingredients sometimes, they may have small variations, and there is a small chance that some people may have a reaction to them, just as they might with any other brand.

If you have a reaction from patch-testing, please discontinue use.

What should I do if a product gets into my eye?+

Rinse your eye out immediately with cool water. If you still experience any discomfort after flushing the eye for 5-10 minutes, we suggest you seek medical advice.

Do you use preservatives in your products?+

Products made with the addition of water (like creams and lotions) require a preservative to protect against moulds and bacteria. This ensures the shelf life of these products, so they are stable and completely safe to use once they reach you. We only use certified organic preservatives that have been approved by Ecocert. 

Do your products contain any gluten?+

Our skincare range is gluten-free and safe to use if you are sensitive to products derived from wheat. However, some products in our haircare range contain hydrolysed wheat protein. Please refer to the product page for a full list of ingredients. With all products, we always recommend you patch-test first.

essano is free from Parabens, Ethoxylates and Phthalates – what are they?+

These are three substances you'll never find in essano products. Parabens are preservatives that have been proven to mess with estrogen levels. Ethoxylates are industrial ethylene oxide added to alcohol in products. Phthalates are found hidden in fragrances and have been linked to types of cancers.
Scary, right? At essano, we only use the most gentle of ingredients, and will never add anything to our products that may harm you.

I know clear PET bottles can be recycled but can amber coloured PET bottles be recycled too?+

Yes, absolutely! When the bottle reaches the recycling stations, the rPET bottles are separated by colour, then recycled accordingly, just like glass.

Why is there added Acai Berry Antioxidant Oil in the Rosehip Oil?+

One of the greatest Rosehip Oil benefits is that it contains antioxidants. These are needed by the body to fight free-radical damage caused by toxins that enter the body through environmental factors such as pollution.
Free-radicals are a main cause of premature ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Many natural oils lose their antioxidant qualities during processing, but this doesn’t happen with Rosehip Oil. Studies have shown that even after processing, the antioxidant properties are much higher than many other natural oils. We've added the added Acai Berry oil in our Rosehip Oil to enhance the antioxidant properties, which makes our oil even better than other rosehip oils you may see in the market.

Is your Rosehip Oil cold-pressed?+

Yes, we're proud to say that our Rosehip Oil is cold-pressed.

Why is my Rosehip Oil so orange?+

The colour of Rosehip Oil is naturally a bright yellow/orange, and can vary depending on many factors, such as the time of the year when the oil was extracted. In fact, the brighter the colour of the oil, the more potent it is as it shows a higher concentration of nutrients.
We don't add any colour to our Rosehip Oil to ensure that it is a 100% natural product. Please use this oil with care as it may stain fabrics. You can also mix a few drops into your usual facial moisturiser.

How do I use your Rosehip Oil?+

We recommend you use our Rosehip Oil at night, after cleansing and toning. Massage 2-3 drops into your skin, focussing on areas that have pigmentation, sun spots or dryness. If you feel that this may be too rich for your skin, you can also mix a few drops into your night creme.

I have oily skin. Can I still use Rosehip Oil?+

Yes, definitely. Rosehip Oil is a dry oil, which means it is super-lightweight and is absorbed easily without leaving an oily residue or clogging pores. Using our Rosehip Oil can also help to balance your skin’s own oil production. If you feel that this may be too rich for your skin, you can also mix a few drops into your night creme.

Can children use Rosehip Oil?+

Yes. Our Rosehip Oil is perfectly safe to use on the whole family. It's a favourite with many families who use it to apply to scar tissue from scrapes and falls. We hope your kids enjoy the benefits!

Where can I buy Superfoods products in Australia?+

Unfortunately, Woolworths has made the decision to no longer stock our Superfoods range. From April 2020, it will no longer be available in stores in Australia.

However, we're working hard on finding another store in Australia to supply our Superfoods products. Meanwhile, we will continue to sell essano Superfoods online through Amazon or HealthPost.

Why can I only use the Overnight Mask up to three times a week?+

Our Collagen Boost Overnight Mask is a richer formula that is packed full of active ingredients, so we only recommend using it 3 or so times a week. If your skin is on the drier side and you have no issue using the overnight mask more often, definitely go ahead!

Your packaging says “scaring” instead of “scarring”!+

Thanks for pointing that out. We missed this in our initial print run but have picked it up now. Don’t worry, our products won’t cause any scaring!

Are these products vegan-friendly?+

Yes, our entire Collagen Boost range is vegan-friendly. Our products contain collagen-boosting ingredients that are naturally derived from plants to stimulate your skin’s own natural collagen production. 

What type of collagen do your products contain?+

Our Collagen Boost range doesn't contain any collagen. We use naturally derived plant-based ingredients that help to stimulate your skin's production of collagen. This means that our Collagen Boost range is also vegan-friendly. As with all of our products, please patch-test before use.

Where can I buy these Collagen Boost products in Australia?+

You can currently purchase our Collagen Boost Serum and Night Crème in all good supermarkets across Australia. Coles and Big W stock the full range. You can also ask your local store manager to order these Collagen Boost products in.

What skin type is best for Collagen Boost?+

Our Collagen Boost natural skincare range was designed for dry skin in mind. However, you may find that some of these products still work great for your skin to lock in hydration!

If you have oily skin, we recommend you start with the Eye Crème and Serum as these are our lighter products. For dry or dehydrated skin, definitely give our Day and Night Crème a go.

At what age can I start using Collagen Boost products?+

Anyone can use our Collagen Boost range, however, we have designed these skincare products to stimulate collagen production – as that starts declining in skin from around the age of 26.

What's the difference between the Collagen Boost Eye Crème and the Rosehip one?+

Our Rosehip Visible Lift Eye Crème is great for those first starting to use Eye Crème or haven't noticed any noticeable signs of ageing yet. For more mature skin types, we recommend our Collagen Boost Eye Crème as this is more targeted to treat those issues with collagen-stimulating ingredients.

Why isn't there a Collagen Boost cleanser?+

During our research, we found that most people already have a cleanser they use and are happy with, so we made the decision not to include one in our range. If you're after a cleaser that complements your Collagen Boost products, we recommend:

For dry skin, our Creme Cleanser:
For oily skin, our Gentle Foaming Cleanser:

Are Collagen Repair Serum and Night Crème the same products as Collagen Boost Serum and Night crème ?+

Good spot! Yes, they are exactly the same. Our Collagen Boost Serum and Night Crème were originally called Collagen Repair, but we found that these products were so popular, we expanded the range further into a full regime called Collagen Boost.

The serum and night crème are still the same formulations that you know and love.

Why are the ingredient lists on the serums different?+

Anytime we update our artwork, we review the ingredient list to ensure we are always up to date with the regulations on how these are described and listed. These do change regularly.

Although the ingredients look differe, we can assure that both Collagen Boost Serums are the same product. We are super proud of our this serum, as it's the number one selling serum in NZ supermarkets.

Can females use essano Man products?+

Absolutely. Although the bulk of our essano Man range is designed for a male-specific skin needs, it's perfectly safe to be used by females too.

What causes skin irritation?+

A lot of hair and skin allergies and reactions are increasingly commonplace as chemicals and additives interact, causing irritation, dryness or rashes. Sometimes, that may be potentially harmful. Many of the common complaints people have relate to the skincare products they use. Even low levels of certain ingredients can have an effect, but they're often not discovered as being the source of the problem.

It's the ingredients we use in essano Man products that make the difference. Right from the outset, we left out any potentially harmful and irritating chemicals, choosing to start with a natural base.

Do you still make the Gradual Tan?+

Unfortunately we have discontinued our Gradual Tan. We really appreciate your support of this product, but do keep an eye out on our social in case we release a similar product in the future. 

What is the pH level of your body wash range?+

The general pH for our body washes are around 5.0. The pH of skin sits around 5.0-5.5. We have set our pH within this range so it is gentler to the skin.

My candles don't burn evenly+

Our essano candles are made with 100% natural soy wax. The different with this and traditional beeswax is that it tends to tunnel - this is a compromise we're willing to make for our natural candles.
We recommend that when you first light your essano 300g candle you burn it for up to 2 hours until the top layer of the wax has melted all the way across the jar (1 hour for the 100g candle). This prevents the wick from sinking lower and creating a ring in the centre.
Wax has a memory and if you burn without letting the top layer melt all the way across, it creates a tunnel the next time you burn it. To even out the wax, you can create a little cone of tinfoil to place on top of the candle and melt the edges of the wax. Just ensure you handle the tinfoil carefully as it gets hot and make sure there is a hole at the top so the flame has oxygen.

Why can’t I burn my candle when there is less than 10mm of wax?+

We always recommend that you discontinue use of your candle once there is less than 10mm of wax left. This is because the wick needs to draw up enough liquid wax to continue burning, and when there is no more wax left, the wick itself will start to burn and the glass is exposed to extreme heat, posing a much greater hazard.
Once your lit candle reaches the 10mm mark, gently blow out the flame and wait until the wax has completely cooled and hardened before handling.
You can clean out the remaining wax and upcycle the glass jar for your home use. They make great containers for pens, makeup brushes or flower vases. We'd love to see if you do upcycle them - please share with us on social media!

How long can I burn my candle for?+

The maximum burn time for our small 100g candles is 2 hours and our large 300g candles is 3 hours. The glass can get quite hot when burning, and the longer you leave a candle burning, the hotter the container can get, which may pose a greater hazard.
Generally, our small candles will last up to 30 hours of use, whereas our large candles can last up to 60 hours.
Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep out of reach of children or pets.

Why do I need to trim my wick before use? How short does my wick have to be?+

We recommend trimming your wick as this can prolong the burning time of your candle and can prevent your candle from smoking or leaving black soot marks on the glass. If the wick is too long, it will take longer to draw the natural soy wax up the wick and the wick itself may start to burn.
For both the small and large candles, trim the wick with scissors or nail clippers to 6mm before use. Make sure the wick is standing upright before you light the candle.

Why did you change the packaging of your candles?+

We’ve upgraded the look of our candles as this reduces excess packaging. Having signed the NZ Packaging Declaration, reducing our impact on the environment is very important to us.
The quality of our 100% natural soy wax candles haven’t changed, and it now includes a luxe gold lid which means you can keep dust out of your candles and also reuse the jar at the end of the use of your candle.

I can't get the pump to work on my Coconut Leave-in Conditioner!+

The pumps on these can sometimes be tricky to unlock. Try tightening the pump then push down the nozzle while rotating it to the left. This should unlock the pump lock.
If this doesn't work for you, please contact us with a picture of your pump and the team will help you out.

Is your haircare sulphate-free?+

Yes - we’re proud to say that our haircare products are free from sulphates. This is an ingredient that can be irritating on scalps and helps other shampoos to lather and foam.
As our shampoos are sulphate-free, this means they may not foam up as much, but it still does the job in gently cleansing your hair. It’s a misconception that you need foam to clean!

Does your haircare contain silicones?+

Silicones may have a bad rap in haircare, but the truth is, they are not bad for your hair at all - in fact they are good! So good, we have kept them in our formulas to support your hair health as they coat the hair shaft and lock in moisture, helping to bind the active ingredients to your hair so they keep working longer.
Our haircare products contain a small amount of water-based silicone, so they won't weigh the hair down or decrease your natural volume if you have fine hair.
Silicone is also an essential ingredient to use before heat-styling. It protects the cuticle layer of your hair from the damage that extreme heat can cause during the styling process.

Where is the plastic for the rPET bottles collected from?+

The plastic is collected from kerbside and commercial recycling across Australasia, and the bottles are made right here in New Zealand by our supplier, Alto who are part of Pact Group.

Where are the rPET bottles made?+

The bottles are made right here in New Zealand. Do you now, that we also use up to 75% less energy when re-using plastic than creating virgin plastic?

How often should I use your Purple Shampoo and Conditioner?+

We recommend that you use our Purple haircare every second wash. This will help maintain the colour of your hair and keep brassiness at bay

Why doesn’t your shampoo foam very much?+

We’re proud to say that our haircare products are free from sulphates. This is an ingredient that can be irritating on scalps and helps other shampoos to lather and foam.
Our shampoos are low-foam, but it does the job in gently cleansing your hair. It’s a misconception that you need foam to clean!

Are your concentrated serums vegan-friendly?+

Yes, all of our concentrated serums are vegan-friendly.

Are your concentrates suitable for sensitive skin?+

Yes, all of our concentrated serums are suitable for use on sensitive skin. We highly recommend you patch-test first. Simply dab a drop or two on the inside of your elbow or behind your ear and wait at least 24 hours before using in your normal skincare routine.

Are your concentrates suitable for use during pregnancy?+

Our Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides concentrates are suitable for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.
However, our Wrinkle Rescue is formulated with natural Bakuchiol which does not have the same properties as retinol. Since this is a really new, plant-based product, we don't want to recommend for pregnant or breastfeeding women just to be extra safe until we have 100% confirmation it is safe!

When should I use these concentrated serums in my skincare regime?+

We recommend you apply these concentrated serums on your skin right after cleansing and toning. The Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides can be used both morning and night, but we suggest that you use the Wrinkle Rescue at night.

Why do I have to use the Wrinkle Rescue Retinol at night only?+

This product has been crafted for mature, dry skin, and we recommend you use it at night as you may find it too oily for your skin during the day, especially if you wear makeup. Unlike normal retinol, our Wrinkle Rescue won't make your skin sun-sensitive, so you can still use it during the morning, if you wish.

Who is the Clear Complexion range designed for?+

The range is designed for anyone with problem skin using calming ingredients like Probiotics and Bio-D-Tox to help balance reactive and inflamed skin. The products work for both men and women of all ages using natural and effective formulations.