Blemish-free skin, Naturally

In today's world of chemically-filled acne care products, the Clear Complexion is an alternative natural range specifically formulated for youths and young adults, clinically proven to help treat oiliness and breakouts.

Why Clear Complexion

Powerful Ingredients

We combine our hero ingredient, BioDTox with other ingredients such as Rosemary Leaf, Chamomile, Green Tea and Willow Bark.

Scientifically Formulated

With BioDTox and Priobiotics, the range clinically proven to control oil levels, detoxify skin cells and clean pores.

Proudly New Zealand-made

Our products are conceptualized, tested and produced right here within our Auckland-based research, development and production facility.

What is BioDTox?

We live in a world filled with pollutants and chemicals that have adverse effects such as tissue damage, oxidative stress and aging.

BioDTox has been developed as a skin detoxifier from a mixture of Citrus, Broccoli and Aloe plant extracts.

Our Clear Complexion Range

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