Our new body lotions powered by hyaluronic acid

Our new body lotions powered by hyaluronic acid

Infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, our latest body lotions adhere to our strong product promise with tried and tested natural formulations that help to leave your skin smooth, soft and moisturised.

These three new body lotions are all 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly:

  • Daily Hydration Body Lotion 360ml
  • Intensive Restore Body Lotion 360ml
  • Radiant Cocoa Glow Body Lotion 360ml

Our new body lotions are currently only available in Woolworths stores in Australia. We're working hard at getting these available online too - watch this space!

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Powered by hyaluronic acid and vitamin E

As skin is our largest organ, we want to ensure that we give it the intense nourishment that it needs.

Hyaluronic acid is a gentle hydrating ingredient that can hold up to 1000x its weight in water. It helps to plump skin with moisture, offering multi-level hydration into all the different layers of the skin, and also helps to prevents water loss over 24 hours.

Dropper with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E

Vitamin E helps to repair skin from damage caused by free radicals and the environment - pollution, smoke, UV rays. It assists in cellular restoration to prevent further damage and soothe dry, itchy or eczema-prone skin.

Our new recyclable pumps

What's most exciting about these body lotions is that they have a pump that is 100% recyclable – the first of its kind in New Zealand and Australia.

Body lotion recyclable pump

These pumps don't include a metal spring, unlike most other pumps. Metal springs cannot be separated from the plastic in a typical pump which means it cannot be recycled. This is also why the first few pushes on our recyclable pumps can be a bit tougher than a normal pump, but we hope you agree with us - it is worth it to do the right thing for our environment 🌏

Daily Hydration Body Lotion

Daily hydration body lotion

Achieve soft, smooth and nourished skin with this multi-depth lotion infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamins E and C. Super antioxidants help to lock in moisture for 24-hours to leave skin replenished and silky smooth.

Intensive Restore Body Lotion

Intensive restore body lotion

Replenish skin’s moisture with multi-depth hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, ceramides and gluten-free natural rice complex that help to reveal smoother, stronger and naturally healthy-looking skin. 

Radiant Cocoa Glow Body Lotion

Radiant cocoa glow body lotion

Pamper your skin with the long-lasting, moisture-rich hydration of cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid. Smooth and soften skin while creating a luminous glow with natural mineral pigments.

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