Recently we were lucky enough to chat to one very inspirational lady. Elora Harré, a 22-year-old Kiwi currently living in Australia who, since January 2013, has lost an incredible 54.5kg! Elora shares her health and well-being journey on her blog and fills us in on the secret to her weight loss, her love for EssanoRosehip Oil and her daily skincare routine.


Q: Why did you start The Shrinking Violet? 

I started The Shrinking Violet back in 2013 after I kept posting about it on my personal profile! At first I just loved sharing progress with my friends and I then realised if I was confident enough to share it with my friends, it should be something I’m more than confident in sharing with total strangers. I had a Tumblr blog, but thought I would be able to reach a wider audience through Facebook. I wanted to be able to inspire people, especially girls my age, and show them that huge weight loss is possible! You can do it without magic potions, shakes, crazy diets and surgery; it’s hard work for sure, but it’s so rewarding.


Q: What was the secret to your weight loss?

FOOD! Food is 100% the key to good health and the most important thing you need to focus on if weight loss is a goal.

Q: What are your favourite Essano products and why?

My number one favourite is Essano Rosehip Oil! I use it daily for face and body. I love it because it's gentle on your skin but has great results! I also love the Essano Gentle Cleansing Facial Wipes; since moving to Australia the heat here is insane; they’re super refreshing at any time of day and also great to remove makeup.

Using Rosehip Oil on it daily has really helped it to fade immensely! It was such a clean and tidy scar to begin with, so the Rosehip has complemented it perfectly to help it fade.

Q: How have you found the Essano Rosehip Oil in helping fade your scar tissue?

It’s worked wonders! As a lot of people know, I had an extended abdominoplasty to remove 2.5kg of excess skin after my 55kg weight loss so have been left with a long abdominal scar.

Q: What’s your skincare routine?

I’m all about the Rosehip oil! I use Essano Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser in the morning, and follow it up with Essano Daily Moisturiser and Visible Lift Eye Creme. If I’m not wearing makeup that day, Rosehip Oil goes on straight away instead of the Daily Moisturiser/Eye Creme combo. At night I take off my makeup using a Gentle Cleansing Wipe and then apply Rosehip Oil all over my face.