4 quick winter skin tips

4 quick winter skin tips

Winter is well and truly here! It’s the cosiest season with comfy jumpers and heaters. But, while this may warm your fingers and toes, one of the biggest reasons your skin may look a little dull during winter is due to lost moisture from heaters blasting and the cold wind.

This means your skin might need a little extra TLC, so here are some tips to help your skin through the next few winter months.

Lock in moisture with a facial oil

Drinking enough water is the best way to ensure you are hydrated from within, but you can also use a skincare facial oil to lock in moisture as well.

There are many different types of oils suitable for different skin types. Our Superfoods Turmeric Illuminating Oil restores glow to dull skin while the antioxidant properties of Turmeric ensures your skin is radiant. For combination skin, restore moisture with Superfoods Kale Nourishing Facial Oil.

Even oily skin types can use a facial oil - the best option is Rosehip Oil. This is a dry oil that is easily absorbed and doesn’t feel greasy upon application.

You can use a facial oil in your skincare routine right after cleansing and toning. Massage a few drops into your skin before your face cream. If you have extra dry skin, use both day and night, otherwise just at night. You can also mix a few drops into your day or night cream instead for an extra moisture boost.

Use the right cleanser for your skin

Not all cleansers are made equal! There are so many different options out there, and you shouldn’t just reach for any cleanser as it may not be the right type for your skin.

Cleansers wash away makeup, dirt and debris from the day, but can also strip your skin’s natural oils and moisture, leaving you with tight skin. A facial moisturiser supplements this lost moisture, but it’s best to reach for a suitable cleanser in the first instance.

Cream cleansers are best for dry skin as they are super gentle and are made with moisturising ingredients to cleanse without being too harsh. If you are wearing makeup, you may want to pre-cleanse with facial wipes or micellar water first.

Foaming and gel cleansers are better suited to oilier skin types as they penetrate and remove dirt and makeup better. These types of cleansers may also be suitable for you if you wear oil-based makeup.

Don’t forget your treatments

Serums and eye cremes are great ways to boost active ingredients in your skincare routine. Serums contain powerful ingredients that sink into the deeper levels of your skin. If you use a facial oil, apply your serum first and lock it all in with your oil.

Eye creams add moisture to your delicate eye contours, preventing fine lines and dark circles. Apply a few drops with your ring finger, dabbing the product gently on your brow bone, outer corners of your eyes and where you’d typically get darker under-eye circles. This can go on after your serum, and before your moisturiser.

Keep your routine regular

It can be really tempting to go to bed without washing your face, or hitting the pillow just after your moisturiser. However, using your skincare products regularly ensures you’re giving your skin all the goodness it needs everyday to stay hydrated and healthy.

Hope these tips were useful! Stay warm and moisturised this winter.

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